Lots of contact before

The Birth

Up to 2 hrs postpartum


Maternity session

The Birth

Newborn session


A one to two hour

maternity or newborn





Before the birth we can have a lovely get together for a chat about what you’re after in terms of photos and involvement by me.  As well as a professional birth photographer I’m pretty good at making cups of tea and fetching snacks & water.  I can also light and blow out candles and act as DJ if you want to listen to some music or change the ambient light! 

You can also of course book me for some beautiful bump photos if you haven’t already.


For the birth I will be there for you at the end of a phone / text or email in the weeks and days leading up to the time you go into labour and with you in person with my camera when you feel you are in established labour.  This isn’t an exact science and if you prefer not to be examined by your midwife then I will trust your instincts on this or if you know for sure then call me from when you’re about 5-6cm dilated (or sooner depending on how far away I live - we can discuss all of this before hand though).


I will then be with you for the whole duration and up to 2 hours postpartum to capture those all important first moments - first feed, first nappy, first glance and their tiny little toes and fingers and squidgy rolls.  All the things you’ll want to treasure forever.


Afterwards you’ll receive a USB with all your beautifully edited photos on (if it was dark a lot will be in black and white!) and a slideshow & password protected gallery to share with friends and family if you wish.

Again you can of course also book me for some gorgeous first day baby photos if you haven’t already.

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